There are many places you can buy firearms these days. Even Walmart carries an assortment of rifles, pistols, and shotguns in many of their stores across the country. But if you’re looking for gun shops in AZ, what should you be looking for? How do you know if you’ve found the right one? Many AZ gun shops have great aspects to them. Some might have a great selection, while others might have some decent prices. Maybe you’re looking for some top notch customer service, because you’re not really sure what you need? Sometimes it’s hard to find that magic mix of all these qualities. Its that mix that can take a good store and make it great, and AZ Guns has it all.

What makes AZ Guns so Special?

You can go to a dozen AZ gun shops and look at the same firearm, only to find that the sale price on the same piece is widely different from place to place. Sometimes the difference can be well over $100, just within the Chandler area alone. AZ Guns has consistently showed that they beat the market price on many of the top brands and models that you’ll see at other major retailers. You can confidently walk into this store and know that you’re going to be getting some of the best deals on some of the best merchandise any store in the area will be able to offer.

AZ Guns takes their customer service seriously. A simple Google search of “gun shops in Chandler AZ” will show you that many of the firearm stores in the Chandler area have several complaints of poor customer service and other situations. That’s not saying any particular shop is perfect, but there are enough of these reviews to signify a trend. However, this is resoundingly not the case with AZ Guns. They will work with you on your purchase to make sure that whatever you’re getting is going to be exactly the right tool for the job.


Your Firearm Shopping Experience Should be Personal

Many gun shops in AZ have owners and staff that know their firearms rather well. However, there are times when you can walk into a shop and start asking questions only to be met with a blank stare. The larger the retailer, it seems, the more intense the stare gets (I’m looking at you Walmart). Now, that is not to say that all staff at all stores don’t know what they’re doing or talking about, in fact quite the contrary. There are people, even in larger retail stores, that can answer most of your questions when it comes to basic product knowledge. At AZ Guns, they do everything they can to take this to the next level. Not only will they provide you with all of the basic information they can, but they’ll make sure that you’re fully informed with the intricate inner workings of your firearm purchase. They understand that by knowing their product, they’re able to better assist you with finding the right firearm for your needs.

It’s not just myself saying this either. Do a search and read the reviews for yourself. AZ Guns is a top notch AZ gun store that places the customer first. It’s hard to find a staff more friendly and knowledgeable. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or have questions about anything, they’ll make sure to take the proper amount of time to explain whatever it is that you might want to know and aren’t afraid of the “hands on” approach to their explaining.

AZ Guns Provides that Old-Timey Customer Service

AZ Guns Provides that Old-Timey Customer Service

If there was ever a one stop shop for AZ gun stores, AZ Guns is definitely it, but don’t take my word for it. The next time you need a firearm, ammo, or accessories, stop on over and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.