Currently, the far-left wishes to espouse fear. Guns kill people, they say. They believe that the more guns that are available, then the more gun violence there is going to be. Befogged by the drama of life and death, the far-left demand we remove the problem of gun violence by making it more difficult for some to get guns. Some of whom have not committed a crime (the link below). One looming problem is that the criminals do not follow gun laws. The innocent do. So then why take the innocents’ guns? Calling the police during a life-threatening situation, but then waiting an indefinite amount of time to be reached may not be adequate.

A Prediction Regarding Gun Laws

In the end, if the other person, or psychopath, wants to take your life and the police are not around, then a gun may be your only option. Amidst the new gun laws, an important question arises. What will gun related activity be like in the United States years from now? The following might be predicted. Criminals will decline to obey the gun laws. The guns will be available to the criminals through the use of the, internet, the Mexican Cartel, the commodity based capitalist society, the black market, and underground trade. Provided the new gun laws are sustained, then some of the innocent will be unarmed for a lack of gun access. Provided there are criminals with guns, and—through the new gun laws—with fewer innocent people with guns; in the future, the new gun laws can be predicted to be to the advantage of the criminals.


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