Gun control is a topic on everyone’s minds, especially those of us that live in the United States. We tend to have a lot of shootings, but that violence isn’t exclusive to the United States. Typically when there’s a shooting and it’s covered by the media, there’s a lot of outcry for Gun Control laws, or at least the rhetoric behind which, to be discussed in Washington. While we’re still sorting that out domestically, let’s take a look over the next several weeks just how Gun Control and Gun Laws look in other countries.

Gun Laws in Mexico

Mexico has had an interesting past when it comes to firearm regulation. Unlike the United States Constitution with its Second Amendment, the Mexican Constitution of 1857 granted the right to keep arms AND bear arms. The differentiation between the language of these concepts was expounded upon with the Mexican Constitution of 1917 which allowed citizens to ‘keep arms’ in the home, but citizens could only ‘bear arms’ in public insofar as they were in accordance with regulation by the local authorities. This update to the law also included a provision separating the types of armaments reserved specifically for military use. In 1971, the Mexican Constitution was updated to restrict firearms to the levels that we see today. The right to ‘keep arms’ was restricted entirely to the home for the purposes of defense and hunting (when in season and with a hunting license), and the right to ‘bear arms’ was explicitly reserved for police. Just a year later in 1972, Mexico enacted the “Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives” which gave all jurisdiction over firearms and their control to the Federal Government. Citizens may still keep arms in their homes in accordance with state law, but only with a special permit issued from the Secretariat of National Defense is the average citizen able to carry weapons in public.


I hope this gave you a decent overview of Gun Laws and Gun Control in Mexico. If you’re interested in checking out more of our Gun Laws by Country series, check it out here. Looking for a firearm, ammo, or accessories? Take a look around our shop!