When it comes to purchasing a gun, only the best will do. Whether you’re hunting, shooting for sport, or carrying for protection, the kind of gun you purchase is important. You hear about the “best” everywhere, but the one thing that speaks for a gun is the number of people who purchase that particular kind.

Top Five Guns per Category

~SemiAutomatic Pistol~

Pistols are used, most frequently, as a tactical combat or protection weapon. The Ruger LCP, at just 5.16” long, is a great option for those who would like a lightweight, durable weapon to carry on one’s person. Made with alloy steel, this pistol has amazing accuracy and longevity, not to mention is easily cleaned. With a variety of color options, this is one of the more personable weapons someone can own.


The Colt Python Revolver is a .357 magnum that is also referred to as a combat magnum. First introduced in 1955, this gun is a favorite among revolver enthusiasts, and it has been described as the finest production revolver ever made. Though production for this gun came to a halt in 1999, this is still a highly sought after gun with rave reviews from its owners.

~Semi-Automatic Rifle~

Introduced in 1964, the Ruger 10/22 has sold millions, and it is clear why. The firearm is known and loved for its versatility. Used for small-game hunting, action shooting, and plinking, this gun is the choice for its reliability. Comfortable, reliable, affordable, and renowned for its accuracy, this is a rifle for the records.

~Bolt Action Rifle~

The Winchester 70 has what they call a “triple zero advantage.”

  • Zero take up. There is no take up because the spring keeps the trigger-piece in constant contact with the actuator.
  • Zero Creep. Creep has a negative influence on accuracy because it adds inconsistency and uncertainty during the trigger pull. The mechanical advantage created by the trigger design’s unique geometry is how creep has been virtually eliminated.
  • Zero OverTravel. Where you aim is where you shoot.

This, along with the long standing Winchester name, makes this the top choice for Bolt-Action Rifles.

~Semi-Automatic Shotgun~

The Mossberg 930 is versatile. With four different designs (JM Pro Series, Hunting, Tactical, and Pro-Series Sporting) the 930 has a model available for every shooter. These guns are perfect for security applications as well as hunting.

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