Do you know your Arizona Gun Laws?

Many people in other non-western states still refer to Arizona as “The Wild, Wild West” and some (like Gersh Kuntzman) believe some military-grade weaponry should hardly exist because of the amount of power. Popular to contrary belief, not everyone in Arizona is a gun-toting old-fashioned cowboy.

As many of you Arizonans may know, the gun laws in Arizona are particularly lenient. However, as of 2016 many pro-firearm members, or members of the NRA have been shunned due to the past ten years with firearms. In the state of Arizona, anyone over the age of 21 is specifically allowed to open carry most weapons. Not a single ownership license for a firearm is required in the state of Arizona. There is no state permit required to purchase a firearm, no assault weapon prohibition or restriction, no magazine capacity restriction, and no firearm registration required. However, under documentation of the National Firearms Act – NFA for short – this act imposes a statutory excise tax on weaponry sold throughout the United States. Many, many Americans today harbor firearms without documentation. Although there is no specific punishment in the state of Arizona for having an unregistered firearm; The maximum penalty for an “unregistered firearms” charge is 10 years imprisonment, only if the firearm is a prohibited firearm or pistol. Up to five years imprisonment in any other case.

Arizona Gun Laws

AZ Gun Laws have become a word-of-common-time with the recent events in America, ranging all the way from 1999 (April, 1999 Columbine) until just last month (June 2016, Orlando). Federal-level gun laws differ from Arizona gun laws, obviously, though Arizona remains one of the most pro-gun states in the nation. Specific restrictions upon Arizona gun laws still exist, such as the fact that you must certify any weaponry in the state of Arizona, within at least 60 days. There are many things that make Arizona’s laws specifically unique, and to some a bit ‘too-free’, such as: there are no peaceable journey laws – only the federal laws apply under that jurisdiction. There are no background checks for private gun sales. Other minor aspects of gun laws here pertain to: juveniles, felons, and emancipated juveniles.

So just how easy is it to obtain not only a firearm, but something of a bit more power, such as an automatic weapon, or a silencer. If you’ve ever played any M-rated video game ever, you’ll understand those two terms.

The State of Arizona

(As with many other states) Arizona contains specific laws pertaining to what we call ‘Title 2’ weapons. These weapons contain but aren’t limited to: sawed-off shotguns, silencers of any kind, or explosives of high ordinance. Title 2 weapons are also named NFA firearms. Although a license isn’t required to own, buy, sell, or manufacture an NFA firearm, in order to purchase a title 2 weapon you’ve got to fill out an ATF form (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). This form, along with form 5330.20 (certifying citizenship), you must provide fingerprint cards, two passport sized photographs, and a check or money order for $200. The $200 is for a federal tax on these specific title 2 weapons. The back of an ATF form 4 is required to be signed by one of many officials: A local sheriff, judge, or district attorney.

Anyone can see that Arizona gun laws may be lenient pertaining to low-level firearms, whereas if you’d like to put a bit more buck in your shot, you’ll have to venture deeper.