Does Your Rifle Have A Sight?

Whether it be iron sights, an ACOG, or thermal graphics, every marksman has his favored sight. Aim-Down-Sight or ADS is one of the most important aspects of marksmanship. Between different fields of marksmanship, or different levels, such as distance, there are many things that make a sight unique to the firearm as well as the owner. Many people think that sights attached to weapons solely help at longer ranges, but even minor-role scopes like the iron sights surely improve accuracy to as short as 5 meters.

Different Sights + Their Roles

Iron Sights

Iron sights are the most basic form of scope, which is a piece of hardware acting as either a basic, or complex attachment based upon the firearm. The iron sight is depicted of three small pieces of steel, iron, or another metal-based compound. These iron tips can have small reflective edges to aid in sight. Other styles of iron sights will match up to the peep hole near the butt of the weapon to ensure stability and accuracy. Iron sights have many styles, like the U & V-notch. The U & V-notch iron sight styles have the metal line up in a ‘U’ formation and a ‘V’ formation respectively.


The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) is a telescopic sight. Telescopic sights are magnified circular scopes that are attached to the top of medium-long range rifles and are extremely accurate. Telescopic sights can be anywhere from 2 to 10 times multiplied and magnified. The physical sight itself is cylindrical and large. The reticle, which is the insignia or emblem inside of the sight, have many different features in comparison to other sights. Reticles can be anything from small red dots, to chevrons, or even squares. Bullet drop compensators are sometimes a feature in ACOG sights.

Red Dot Sight

The red-dot sight is a basic add-on for most rifles and long-barreled weapons. With a large, or small (based on the type of ADS) digital laser dot in the middle of the sight red dots work well on assault rifles and other medium range firearms. Some sights come with an accompanying laser on the side of the rifle to ensure accuracy.

Thermal Vision Sight

Thermal sights are one of the most complex sights to be attached to a rifle. Thermal scopes completely eliminate normal color schemes seen through other sights. Looking through a thermal sight lights up your scenery, only showing anything with a high temperature. This improves accuracy hunting, for all that is able to be seen is the animal being hunted.

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