In previous years, AK47s were substantially cheaper than they are now. While the cost of the basic AK has increased, there may be an increase in Kalashnikov-pattern firearms on the market today than ever before. This increase in variation of the classic leads to the one question every gun owner comes to at one point or another: Which one is worth buying?

Serbian N-PAP

N-PAP rifles are made in Serbia at the Zastava Arms factory. After their manufacture, they are imported and modified by Century Arms International. Similar to the Romanian-made WASRs, they are among the lowest in price in regards to AKs. The models with non-folding wooden stocks can be found online for roughly $600, while the less common underfolder usually has a benchmark of at least $700.

Romanian WASR

For many years now, the Romanian WASR-10 has been the option to purchase for those who were looking for an affordable AK. Now that the price for these has increased to $550-$600 on average, purchasers tend to do more research and weigh their options before purchase. Though this option lacks the receiver dimples of other AKM clones, the WASR uses what is considered to be standard AKM-pattern furniture and accessories. Even though they are not as low in the price range as they used to be, WASRs are still solid choices when purchasing an AK.

Russian Saiga

Though the majority of Russian Firearms cannot be imported due to the Obama administration’s new sanctions, there are still a number of Saiga rifles and conversions on the market. They can be found as either a sporter rifle or a converted form. The sporter looks like an old fashioned semiautomatic hunting rifle.

While this particular configuration is slowly declining, they can still be found online for around $700. Converted guns look much more like the AKs classic. Generally speaking, they accept the standard AK mags, conventional furniture, and feature threaded muzzles. Depending on the quality of the conversion which took place, expect to pay less than $800, though the professionally converted can go for well over $1,000.

Russian Vepr

Veprs are the Cadillac of the AK world. They’re made in Vyatskie Polyany, Russia, at the Molot factory on the same tooling that make the RPK. Veprs feature reinforced receivers and chrome lined barrels. They’re more accurate and more reliable by reputation than standard AKs. With a wide variety of caliber, they are most frequently sold in the sporter configuration similar to Saigas and are more difficult to convert. They can be found from about $800, but they can go for over $1,000 with certain configurations.

Arsenal, Inc. Bulgarian SLR

Arsenal, Inc. is the official US importer and re-manufacturer of firearms made at the Circle 10 factory in Bulgaria. Arsenal Bulgaria makes some of the finest AKs in the world, and Arsenal, Inc. professionally converts them into American compliant guns once they reach our shores.

The Arsenal line is extremely popular among US shooters. They’re well-made and reliable semiautomatic firearms. They feature stamped receivers and Bulgarian-made, chrome-lined barrels and accept almost all standard AKM-pattern furniture and accessories.

Definitive Arms DAKM

Definitive Arms, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, is one of the nation’s top AK shops. Their custom work is well known, and they offer production guns. The current line of 7.62x39mm DAKM rifles stands out above the rest. Worth far more than its asking price (which is roughly $1,000), they are built using the best AKM parts kits. The barrels used are made from 4150 CMV steel and perform as well as chrome lined barrels. DAKMs are periodically listed and sold within hours.

What are your top AK picks?

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