People like knives to carry for protection and for utility. There are hundreds of uses for the right folding knife for sport, outdoor adventures, protection, and utility. But, just any folding knife will not do for true knife aficionados. The chosen knife must be made of the best materials, easy and safe to carry, easy to open even with one hand, and attractive to look at. Next, add easy to clean and durable, and sharp. Dull knives don’t turn anyone on. Dull knives don’t get any job done well and increase the effort needed to cut materials. A reasonably priced, high-quality knife is the one people most often choose.

Why Consider Spyderco Knives?

Spyderco Knives are sold at fine dealers such as AZ Guns. They can be purchased online with confidence that every knife is a fine, well-made product. The website is very informative, describing types of metal and other construction features for this type of knife. The photographs of the many knife choices are very helpful. The best steel and other materials are used in the manufacture of these well-designed knives. The design and materials used for these knives make them look like they mean business. Yet, these knives can fold into a small unit that clips safely into the pants pocket. They are designed with a round hole as an easy opening feature. This hole allows for one-handed easy opening of the knife because of its unique, patented design. This is a product that is made with great pride in the U.S.A. Spyderco Knives Folding - iDzyns

People choose tp purchase Spyderco Knives for various purposes including as a collector’s item, for everyday carry, for the kitchen, for marine use, as a rescue or self-defence tool, for hunting and fishing, for wilderness adventures such as trail hiking, for survival and tactical uses, and more. People don’t all want the same knife in maybe a few color choices, they want different styles and constructions for the different purposes they purchase these knives for. The knives come as locking, folding knives, as fixed blade knives, as flippers, as non-locking folding knives and in many variations within every general style of knife.

What Are some Popular Models?

Though there are many fine models of these knives to choose from three of the most popular model groups include:

  • The Spyderco Endura model, introduced in the 1980’s and still a very popular choice in all of its variations. This well-designed knife was one of the first clip and carry folding knives in lightweight with high-design. This knife can be chosen with several blade edge configurations including a plain edge, a combination edge, or a spider edge. This popular knife has several different variations to meet the requests of customers over the years.
  • The Spyderco Police model was developed for the needs and requests of police officers who wanted a knife that was slim and easy to carry in a folding model. This knife is stainless steel finish with a combination edge, easy one hand opening, strong clip, and serious cutting performance when needed.
  • The Spyderco Delica model is lightweight with a choice of handle colors and finishes. It has a fiberglass enforced and textured handle for strong grip. The Delica model’s improved ergonomics lie within its styling and construction. This model also boasts a VG-10 blade in black coated steel and is designed for either a right or left-handed grip. It has a strong grip and the trademark hole for easy opening. One choice is non-glare all black with the sharpness and blade edge choices people ask for.

There are many more models to meet specialized needs and preferences. The knives come in different sizes and with different features, but they all have the signature round hold for opening rather than clumsy thumb studs or disks. They all have pocket clips that allow the knife to be carried at the top of the pocket where it is fast and easy to access. This clip also makes it so the knife does not get mixed up with other pocket contents.

The Importance Of Steel Choice

It is important to use the best steel with the best choice of over 3,000 types of steel. Steel is made of iron and carbon with additional ingredients for different types of steel. This company has studied all the formulations of steel and has chosen the very best ones to use in the manufacture of their knives. For more information, visit our online store!