How often do you replace the rounds in your CCW? A lot of people probably say, “Only after I need to shoot them.”

The problem is, a lot of people probably do not shoot their carry rounds often enough. Ammo carried in your CCW is not the same as ammo stored in boxes in your house. The critical components are the primers and the powder. Carry rounds have different properties than regular stored rounds. With proper storage, they last for years. Packing a CCW every day through extremes of heat and cold, humid and dry weather are not ideal conditions. It can and it will affect ammunition performance.

Here is a brief rundown of the things that happen to your CCW and the ammo you carry.

The Problems with Ammo in Your CCW

How Sweat Affects Your Carry Ammo

Items held close to your body, especially in hot weather, are going come into contact with the sweat from your body. If you carry in a holster, you can easily see how your body affects your CCW. After a really hot day, take it out the holster and give a deep sniff. You are smelling the body oils and sweat that soaked into the holster. The same is getting into your carry rounds. My holster is well-stained from years of carrying.

How Water Affects Your Carry Ammo

If you get caught in the rain, the ammo can get wet. If you ankle-carry, splashed water that soaks your pants also gets into the gun.

For those of us who CCW while hunting and fishing, fall into the water one time and that’s enough to ruin the ammo in your gun.

Smokeless powder and primers that get moisture into them are not reliable.

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