Chandler Residents: Your Closest Gun Store is AZ Guns on Arizona Avenue and Chicago Street

Due to all the violence, our world has been plagued with, even the safest of areas can quickly become hunting grounds for those with intent to harm. Protecting yourself and your loved ones are critical, and knowing how to defend your home, family, and freedom can save your life. The fundamental principles of our country state in regards to owning and purchasing firearms, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. We have the constitution’s permission and encouragement to use personal protection to secure our rights and keep those we hold dear safe because you wouldn’t want to risk your family’s safety by putting your faith in those who may not do the right thing.

Each American adult has the right to purchase a gun, and in Arizona, we are allowed to not only buy them, even privately, but also carry freely without concealment. These laws make it comfortable and easy to protect what you care about, and AZ Guns wants to help you find the right equipment, whether it’s for hunting up north, or as a preventative measure against crime in the city.

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#1 Gun Store in Chandler, AZ

We’re located in downtown Chandler, so we’re close to all you gun guru’s, and have time to answer any firearm-related questions you’ve got. We also have an online shop for nationwide buyers. Our stores are owned and operated by veterans and firefighters, we’re NRA friendly and NSSF members. At AZ Guns, we aim to inform, provide, and help you decide which gun is best suited to your needs. As law enforcement ourselves, we understand those protecting our country deserve the most trustworthy guns, we are IOP dealers for Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, and FN Herstal. We also offer FFL transfers for $20 (or $17.50 for former and current law enforcement) and NFA transfers for $50.

Because of our backgrounds, we have deep gratitude and reverence for our past and present military and other law enforcement personnel. In remembrance of fallen officers and to help our current law enforcement, we have partnered with members of our communities and formed the Pay It Forward Coalition. This organization donates specifically to armed forced and servicemen and women, and contributes to families of these men and women to help ease the financial stresses they encounter. This is one of the ways we demonstrate our passion for helping our brothers and sisters, who have given so much to keep us protected. Our customers mean more to us than just money, and that standard is the foundation of our business.


 We created AZ Guns because we noticed inflated prices and an overall lack of genuine customer service at other stores. We’re building up the kind of trust one can only earn by being honest, able to look you in the eyes, shake your hand, and charge you a fair price while staying straightforward about any questions you have. Ethicality, integrity, and knowledge are essential to us for building and keeping a loyal clientele. We will always strive to find the lowest prices possible for you, without compromising quality. With AZ Guns you’ll know you’re truly cared about, we empathize with every buyer’s opinions, concerns, and safety, and deliver the utmost respect when helping you find what you need.

Your closest gun store may not be an AZ Guns shop, but we’ll make it worth your drive. Although guns are in our name, we carry much more than firearms, both in-store and online. For those unable to visit our stores, our website selection makes it hassle-free to find your ideal parts, gear, optics, suppressors, ammo, firearms, knives, AZ Guns merchandise, and even magazines. We work with top manufacturers and pledge to offer their products at unbeatable prices. By putting your needs above gaining an excessive profit, we hope to earn your business and trust. Using our online map, you can smoothly find the closest AZ Guns store, we are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm (excluding Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.)