AZ Firearms Now An Authorized Dealers Of Spy Optic Sunglasses

Spy Sunglasses are now officially being sold by AZ Guns! We’re pleased to announce that we’re an official SPY+ dealer, and we’re able to order whichever style you’d like, within three business days. Here are some Spy Glasses and Lens’ that really stood out to us.

 Featured Spy Sunglasses

spy helm matteblack happybronzepolarwgreenspectra

The Helm is a modern-retro classic set of sunglasses with aggressive lines and an aggressive following. The Helm is currently available with six different lens polarizations and styles. Fit: Medium/Large.

Specs on specs

  • Constructed from virtually indestructible Grilamid®
  • 6-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses
  • Keyhole bridge and integrated hinges
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measurements: 57-18-140
spy dirtymo matteblack happybronzepolarwbluespectra

The Dirty Mo is an original and iconic Dale Jr.-designed eyewear for those who play to win. This mid-sized sunglass features a chiseled surface and bold details. Available with Happy Lens™ and Trident polarization.

Specs on specs

  • Constructed with virtually indestructible Grilamid®
  • 8 base polycarbonate ARC®lenses
  • High quality, long lasting pin hinges
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measurements: 61-17-121
spy cyrus whitewall happygraygreenwredspectra

The SPY+ ultra-thick Cyrus is great for grabbing attention. There’s nothing quiet about these sleek sunglasses with a few polarization options. They’re a unique set of a sunglasses that regard active-wear.

Spec on specs

  • Built with durable, high-quality propionate
  • 6-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses
  • Study and smooth 5-barrel hinges
  • 100% UV Protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measurements: 58-17-145

Again, AZ Guns can order your specific Spy+ Sunglasses, or lens if you’re willing to give us three days, for shipment. AZ Guns promotes Spy sunglasses as an authorized dealer not because we have to, but because we love the product. We’ve been taking sweet selfies with our Spy sunglasses for months now, and we’ve even put a few of them through some nitty-gritty tests! One of our reps even ran his pair over with his ATV! We’re teaming up with Spy to push the limits on these great, ever-lasting, high-grade shades. Don’t hesitate to call us in-store and ask us about how we can hook you up with a sweet pair of Spy Sunglasses.

Spy sunglasses and eyewear doesn’t just stop at the bro’s; Women have some sweet sunglasses and eyewear options too! It’s 2017 bro, don’t be a sexist! Check out all of the lovely lady styles for these aesthetic and sexy shades below.

spy whistler silver happygraygreenpolar

Ladies listen up! The Whistler is no quiet piece of shade. This versatile model will add the final-touch to your perfect outfit. It takes the classic aviator look and fills it with high-performance jet fuel. The Whistler is constructed from high-grade metal and is available with Spy’s personal Happy Lens™ technology.

Spec on specs

  • Constructed from lightweight monel alloy and handmade acetate
  • 6-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses
  • Sturdy and smooth 5-barrel hinges
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measurements: 58-14-140
spy fiona mintchipfade happybronzefade

Available in multiple gorgeous stylings, Fiona is Spy’s luscious cover girl when it comes to eyewear. The bold butterfly shape of these sunglasses translates to confident and fun up-front; The sinewy and curvy aspects of these shades make them fit in all the right places.

Specs on specs

  • Built from virtually indestructible Grilamid
  • 6-base polycarbonate ARC lenses
  • Smooth 3-barrel hinges
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measurements 63-13-130
spy marina goldgold happybronzewemeraldspectra 1

A study metal build with the look of an elegant, delicate sea flower. This saltwater-inspired Marina is strong, feminine, and always ready to set sail. No-hair-pull nose pads are such a great thing for any females out there that can’t stand their eyewear pulling their hair. Perfect for the empowered woman.

Specs on specs

  • Handcrafted acetate and monel alloy build
  • 6-base nylon lenses
  • Smooth 3-barreled hinges and comfy silicone pads
  • Includes Spy cleaning cloth and case
  • Frame measurements: 57-14-130
az guns spy image
az guns spy image 3
az guns spy image 2

Come get your favorite sweet pair of Spy Sunglasses at AZ Guns today. Visit our contact page to give us a call and see what we’ve got in stock.